Published Works

The Journal of International Service staff have worked with authors from the American University School of International Service to share interesting, dynamic, and exemplary pieces of writing. We hope you enjoy reading our finished products.

“The Retreat of Turkey’s Trade Unions in a Neoliberal Era” by Abigail Stahl

“An Inquiry into the Ripple Effect of Coups d’État” by Caleb Schmotter

“Putin vs. Navalny: The Role of Opposition in Russian Transitional Democratic Building” by Zitian Sun

“Hashtag Help: Red Cross Social Media Communications during Disasters” by Gena Robinson

“Fatah and Semi-Democracy” by Alex DeLuna

2015/16/17 Published Articles

“Rethinking the Protection of Female Refugees” by Courtney Tucker

“Slipping Through the Cracks: Development of Police Function in Post-Conflict States” by Jonathan D. Powers

“Contrasting, Constructing, and Confirming Realities of Immigration” by Kate Schaefer

“Narcotics Nation: The Economics Behind the War on Drugs and Why U.S. Drug Policy Fails to Yield Results” by Max O’Hara

“Multiculturalism Under Threat in South Africa: Forces at Play in the ‘Rainbow Nation'” by Colleen Scribner

“Food Waste in the United States: a Mounting Issue” by Felicia Hall

“Us vs. Them: A Cultural Analysis of Israel’s Response to its African Refugee Crisis” by Zachary Libow

“The System is Always More than the Sum of its Parts” by Joseph Tawney

“Nanban in Nippon: Pre-Modern Interactions Between Europe and Japan” by Etienne Soula

“The Soviet Vietnam: An Analysis of CIA Intervention in the Soviet-Afghan War” by Jordan Indermuehle

“Globalization of Maritime Policy: How Globalization Exacerbates the Threat of Piracy” by Natalie Chambers

“Applying the Theories of Foreign Policy Decision-Making to the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis” by Aira Chehreghani

“The Use and Proliferation of Genetically Modified Organisms as Potential Human Rights Violations” by Keith Gordon

“Bridge over Troubled Waters: Ensuring US Naval Excellence in the South China Sea through Analysis of the 1982 Falklands War” by Zachary George

“Exchange and Public Diplomacy: the Case of the United States, Russia, and the Future Leaders Exchange Program” by Robyn Caron

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