Welcome to JIS Online!

JIS Editor-in-Chief Karen Ives pens a letter to readers about the ethos of the Journal. 

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the new home of the Journal of International Service.

The Journal of International Service, founded in 1992, has been an institution here at the School of International Service. Its original name, Swords and Ploughshares, represented the process of a nation transforming from a state of war to a civilization of peace. Though its name has changed, the Journal continues its tradition of knowledge sharing and intellectual discussion.

The Journal, as a forum for ideas and perspectives, provides unique opportunities for students to develop professional skills, share knowledge and ideas through high-quality published work, and join the intellectual community in international relations. By coming together in a free exchange of ideas, the Journal fosters professional learning and begins to develop solutions to overcoming global challenges.

In the ever-changing world of international relations, we as students must remain adaptive–and so must the Journal. The Journal of International Service has gone through an enormous transformation in the last several months. We have renovated our processes, provided additional training and support, built partnerships across the university, and moved to a new digital home at jis-online.org.

And we are thrilled to continue engaging graduate student scholars and practitioners on the cutting edge of research, policy, and ideation. Through intellectual dialogue, we are building a community whose knowledge and network will shape the future of international relations.

We welcome you all to join this community: share your professional insights, policy briefs, situational analyses, political and economic assessments, and more. Add your voice to the unending conversation in international relations and join the community that challenges old approaches, works toward innovative solutions, and ultimately creates a better world.

We look forward to hearing what you have to share.

Karen Ives

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