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Seminar Work Ghostwriter

Seminar work ghostwriter

A Seminararbeit Ghostwriter work primarily writes bachelor’s theses, master’s theses and doctoral theses for students at university. They are a specialist when it comes to theses that have to include practical examples as well as theoretical background and, at the same time, be convincingly formulated.

The ghostwriter takes over the preparation and writing of the work according to the academic instructions. This includes the preparation of a thesis outline, research and analysis, editing, rewriting and proofreading. The ghostwriter’s services are always carried out from scratch and all references and quotes are cited correctly.

Book writing:

If the client wants a book written, the ghostwriter will conduct one or more interviews by phone and video conferencing, record them for transcription and then turn the recordings into an outline for the book. The book outline is the basis for the actual writing of the book, which the client can then revise.

Was ist eine Seminararbeit

The final copyright of the work is the property of the client who commissioned it. The copyright also covers the right to publish and distribute the work, edit it, rewrite it, translate it into other languages, and adapt it for screen or audio productions.

The contract should state who holds the copyright. If the work is to be published by a third party, it should be done under the name of the client or his/her company. In other cases, the ghostwriter is credited as co-author with the client.