About JIS

The Journal of International Service is a student-run academic journal at American University’s School of International Service which serves the SIS graduate community by: 

  • Producing high quality published articles while facilitating professional development for the SIS graduate student community. 
  • Providing opportunities for students to increase and develop their writing skills.
  • Allowing students to experience firsthand the publication process.
  • Sharing ideas with the wider SIS community through publishing professional articles.


JIS is composed of SIS students committed to accomplishing the mission of the Journal. The Executive Board consists of the Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Director, Operations Director, Training and Resources Director, and Submissions Director. The remainder of the staff consists of the junior and senior editors who peer review and edit submitted papers. 


The Journal was founded in 1992 under the name Swords and Ploughshares, a name that represented the process by which a nation transforms from a state of war to a civilization of peace. The philosophy of the School of International Service as a milestone in civilization’s journey toward an international community based on mutual understanding and respect, is the philosophy which the Journal of International Service strives to promote.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

We are a non-discriminatory organization offering equal opportunities to all graduate students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion (creed), age, national origin (ancestry), marital status, or military status.