Air Conditioning Repair in Rochester NY

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pop up air conditioner are crucial to a home’s comfort and the well-being of its occupants. Unfortunately, it is too often that homeowners neglect to schedule regular maintenance appointments, and their cooling systems suffer as a result. Many of the most common AC problems can be avoided with regular performance inspections and tune-ups from a qualified Rochester air conditioning repair professional.

Why is my AC running but not blowing cold air?

For instance, if you notice strange smells coming from your vents or warm air blowing through the air ducts, this may indicate that your system has a Freon leak. This is a serious issue that can be damaging to the environment and other components of your home’s HVAC system. If you see this, schedule an air conditioner repair right away to prevent further damage.

There are also numerous other cooling system problems that can be prevented with routine maintenance. These include faulty air filters, clogged drain lines, and worn fan blades. These issues can cause your AC to work harder, and you’ll find that it doesn’t cool as well as it should.


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