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Brick Staining Toronto

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Brick staining toronto is a great way to make a subtle or dramatic change to the color of your brick home without changing its look completely. Stains for brick work well in almost any color palette, and can give your home a new and improved appearance. Unlike paint which is thick and clumpy, stains soak in to the masonry. This creates a long lasting finish, that doesn’t peel and is more resistant to moisture.

How much exterior paint for 2000 sq ft house?

It’s not impossible to repaint brick, but it can be extremely difficult. Brick is a very porous substrate, and removing paint from brick takes some serious pressure washing or sandblasting – which can damage the underlying material. It’s also one of the most expensive exterior projects. Stripping brick to get it back to its natural state is a very labor intensive process, and will likely require the use of chemical strippers.

Painting brick also traps moisture, which can cause problems like efflorescence – white deposits of soluble salts that migrate from the interior of the masonry to the surface and leave a chalky white residue on the mortar. This can be very hard to remove, and is a common reason why people choose to stain their brick instead of painting it.

When it comes to brick staining, the best option is to find a color that is close to the original shade of your brick. You can bring a sample or picture to your local hardware store, and they can help you find a stain that matches. They can also let you know if they still make the specific type of brick you have on your house, and help you with any other resources you might need to complete the project.

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