Caster and Conveyor Systems

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Conveyors are a type of powered conveyor that moves objects from one place to another. They are used in industrial plants and hospitals. These are electric and pneumatic devices that feature single or dual flange wheels, metallic cleats, and inverted anle iron tracks. A standard length is 5 feet, although a 10-foot version is available. Check this out :

What is load capacity on wheels?

Casters are usually used in conjunction with conveyors for heavy duty applications. However, a caster on its own is not a sufficient reason to buy a conveyor. Although casters are useful, they can also limit the capacity of your conveyor system. Therefore, the choice of a caster should be made on the basis of its specifications, not its weight capacity.

The patented AxleShoX is a a cleverly engineered shock absorption device. This allows you to integrate shock absorption products into the structure of your conveyor.

The company also manufactures a number of other related products, such as a patented drive assembly for re-engineering broken components in a heavy industry. It also produces quality subassemblies with quick turnaround time.

Conveyors are not only useful for moving items, they also provide a safety benefit. In addition to being a solid investment, a well-designed conveyor will prevent damage to your items and transporting parts.

While there are a lot of features to choose from when it comes to caster and conveyor systems, the best thing to do is to get advice from a qualified professional. For example, Pooley Inc. offers complete caster specification services.

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