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How to Create DTF Transfers - JIS Online

How to Create DTF Transfers

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DTF transfers allow you to offer full-color apparel designs without the expensive investment of screen printing equipment. And because these prints can be applied to a wide range of garment colors and fabrics, you have more freedom when designing your products, especially when it comes to creating unique items like accessories and promotional merchandise.

Transfer with Ease: DTF Transfers Made Simple

In order to create DTF transfers, you will need a specialized printer, which is often modified from standard inkjet printers, and a supply of specialty inks that are designed to bond to fabrics. You’ll also need a heat press, which will ensure that your transfers are securely attached to the fabric.

The first step in creating a DTF transfer is to print your design on a special heat-resistant film, which is then coated with an adhesive powder. Once this is done, the film is placed in a commercial-grade curing oven and heated to high temperatures, which melts the adhesive powder onto the fabric. The melted powder then binds to the fibers of the fabric, which locks the ink from the transfer film into the fabric itself. The transfer film is then removed from the garment and discarded.

Once your DTF prints are completed, you’ll want to be sure that they are well cared for. Proper storage is essential for preserving adhesion, avoiding curling and damage, preventing color degradation, and maximizing usability. In addition, be sure to use cold water and gentle wash cycles when washing your apparel with DTF prints.

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