Key Characteristics of a Sustainability Company

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A sustainability company is a business that is focused on minimizing its negative impact on the environment, community, and society. This kind of business is also known as green business and strives to meet its triple bottom line: social, economic, and environmental. Listed below are some key characteristics of a sustainability company. This type of company will have a positive impact on the community and environment.

What it means to be a sustainable company?

A company pursuing sustainability re-examines its portfolio of products and services on a regular basis. It screens for unmet needs arising from sustainability trends, and develops offerings that address these needs. A good example of this is the steel manufacturing company ArcelorMittal, which has created a department to study the impact of its steel products on the environment.

Many companies are embracing sustainability. Google, for example, uses 50% less energy than other companies and contributes to the protection of critical marine habitats. In addition, Patagonia donates 1% of its profits to environmental organizations, and over 100 grants have been awarded since 1985. And Unilever, which owns many big brand names, has pledged to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030. It also manufactures products from sustainable materials and encourages sustainable growth.

Another important element of a sustainability company is to avoid any sort of judgmental behavior. While it may be important to pursue a company’s sustainability goals, the process of shaming a customer will be detrimental for both parties. In addition to making customers feel degraded, a sustainability company that judges customers harshly risks losing clients.

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