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Native Smokes – Why They’re Cheaper Than Mainstream Cigarettes

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Tobacco plays an native smokes role in Native American culture, dating back millennia. But when European colonizers introduced the modern dominant strain of tobacco to tribal communities, ceremonial tobacco practices shifted into a casual but addictive habit. That trend continued when commercial tobacco companies started to use Native imagery and marketing tactics on their products and packaging. This led to high smoking rates among native people. But a movement to return traditional tobacco to its sacred status could help reduce those rates.

The reason why some native smokes are so much cheaper than mainstream brands is likely due to a variety of factors. One reason is that indigenous communities often produce their own cigarettes, which they sell without having to pay the federal and provincial taxes levied on mainstream commercial cigarettes. Another factor may be that some native cigarette brands are produced on First Nations reserves, where overhead costs can be lower.

Finding Native Smokes in Canada: Your Shopping Guide

Native cigarette brands also usually don’t contain any additives, which can offer smokers a purer smoking experience. This can be a big benefit for many consumers who are looking to switch from traditional cigarette brands that often contain chemicals and other additives that have been linked to various health issues.

As with all tobacco products, it’s important to remember that smoking any type of tobacco carries serious health risks. While it’s always best to quit if you’re currently smoking, if you decide to buy native cigarettes or any other tobacco product, be sure to do your research and make responsible consumption and age-related purchase decisions.

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