Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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open face helmet nz

If you’re considering buying an open face helmet nz for your next road bike ride, you’re probably wondering which ones are best. Open face motorcycle helmets have been around for quite some time, but are not yet considered legal in New Zealand. This is probably because of the weight and wind noise that these helmets cause, so most Kiwis don’t use them. But you don’t have to be one of them to get a good helmet. Here’s some information about the different types available in New Zealand.

Which Ones Are Best?

First of all, open face helmets are much cooler than full-face ones. They allow you to smoke, scratch your face, and even poke your tongue at motorists. Another benefit of open-face helmets is that they may be more comfortable. They don’t block your peripheral vision like full-face helmets do, so you can ride without a problem. Some open-face helmets even have flip-down visors so you can continue to see the road ahead.

If you’re considering buying an open-face helmet, you’ll find many excellent options. Some are lightweight, ideal for scooter riding, and have an impressive weight of 800gm. Others are made specifically for women and come with calf-leather lining and brass or copper nameplates. You can order one online and have it delivered in three to five days. If you want a more affordable open-face helmet, you may wish to try the Hedon 92.

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