Here at the Journal, we strive to maintain full transparency. As such, you can find our semester reports here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

JIS Report: Fall 2017

JIS Report: Spring 2018 (Coming Soon)

JIS – Who We Are, Our Value, and Why We Matter

The Journal’s purpose is to produce high quality articles for publication while facilitating the professional development of the SIS graduate student community.

JIS is comprised of a team of peer reviewers, editors, and staff members committed to fulfilling the purpose of the Journal.

The Journal offer students more than just writing skills. Working with the Journal offers unique and sought after real world skills required in the professional community.

Specific benefits include:

  • Writing workshops, which are free and open to all JIS graduate students
  • Management skills for senior staff members
  • Networking opportunities
  • Writing and editing skills for staff members and authors
  • Resume building experience
  • Opportunities to present student work to an audience of faculty and their peers
  • Opportunities to publish in the online version of the Journal
  • Opportunities to publish in the print version of the Journal