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Trendiest Cities for Young Professionals and Millennials - JIS Online

Trendiest Cities for Young Professionals and Millennials

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Trendiest Cities

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These Trendiest Cities are hot destinations that have a lot going for them right now—from booming restaurant openings and a burgeoning art scene to a new crop of boutique hotels. These up-and-coming areas are also home to a wide range of establishments that are likely to appeal to young professionals and millennials, such as coffee roasteries, farmers markets, craft breweries, wine bars, and tattoo parlors.

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To determine the Trendiest Cities, 24/7 Tempo surveyed 1,000 people and analyzed Yelp data about coffee shops, juice bars, thrift stores, cannabis dispensaries, and restaurants to find the most appealing locales that ticked all of the right boxes. The rankings were based on the number of each of these types of businesses and the average Yelp rating.

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