Adding a Pop Up Air Conditioner

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pop up air conditioner

Many pop up ac unit  do not come equipped with air conditioning. However, there are a few different options for adding an air conditioner to your pop up. One option is a roof-mounted air conditioning unit. These are usually fairly easy to install and do not require venting to the outside. Another option is a portable air conditioner. These are usually much easier to use, but can be quite expensive. Some people will actually cut a window into their pop up and then install a window AC unit.

Lastly, there are also solar-powered air conditioners. These are great options for anyone who wants to be more sustainable and eco-friendly with their camping. Solar panels are an excellent way to create a green energy source and can help you keep your pop up cooler during the day.

Cooling Solutions for Pop-Up Campers: A Guide to AC Units

The biggest challenge when looking for a pop up air conditioner is finding an efficient one that will not require too much power. Typically, these units will draw a higher wattage than other appliances in your RV. This is why some owners choose to use a generator when camping. This is a great choice as long as you make sure that the generator you are using can handle the power requirement of your RV’s air conditioner. Additionally, you should be careful to refuel the generator appropriately and take proper safety measures when operating it. The other option is to simply use a portable air conditioner that is connected directly to the main power supply in your pop up.

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